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Caring for Health: 2017 Annual Staff Physical Examination
Source of the article: Publication time:2017-10-25


The company constantly attaches great importance to the health of employees. How to ensure the physical and mental health of staff and make their participation at work more enjoyable has always been the greatest concern of the company’s leaders. In order to protect and promote the health of employees, the company organized staff physical examination in five batches from September 15 to October 15.


In the morning of the examination day, the company organized buses to take its staff to the Health 100 Checkup Center at the center of Nantong City with elegant environment and first-class services. Under the arrangement of kind and smiling nurses of the checkup center, physical examination was conducted smoothly and orderly. The meticulous and patient questioning, explaining and answering, and thoughtful examination by the medical staff made every employee feel the warmth and care of the company. After the physical examination was completed, employees enjoyed a hearty and delicious breakfast buffet prepared by the checkup center.


Previously, in order to ensure the smooth conduction of staff health examination, the company’s Human Resources Department had communicated with the Health 100 Checkup Center many times, to prepare detailed checkup plan, and give out notice in advance to inform staff of the time, place, and matters needing attention of the physical examination. This physical examination has a total of 25 items including department of internal medicine, surgical department, department of ophthalmology, ENT department, gynecologic routine, ECG, CT, two main routines, blood sugar, blood fat, blood viscosity, cardiovascular examination, helicobacter pylori antibody, tumor marker, liver function, renal function, immunologic assay, gynecologic B-type ultrasonography, breast ultrasonography, prostate ultrasonography, B-type ultrasonography of liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas and kidney, thyroid B-type ultrasonography, cardiac color Doppler ultrasonography, and transcranial Doppler. The content of physical examination is rich and comprehensive.


Through physical examination, staff can have a timely understanding of their respective own health status, and realize the importance of health consciousness, which has offered protection for staff’s physical health, and ensured a better mental state at work. Meanwhile, it also shows the company’s staff-caring and people-oriented philosophy. This event has been highly acclaimed by the staff. Employees have one after another expressed that with the caring of the company they will devote themselves to work with a healthy body and a positive mindset, and continue contributing to the sustainable development of this company.

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