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The 21st China (Northeast) International Hardware & Tool Exhibition of 2018
Source of the article:Published Publication time:2018-04-24

TIME:2018-04-24 to 2018-04-26

Name of exhibition hall: Shenyang International Exhibition Center (E1, E2, E3, E4)

Name Brand Exhibition Growing in Size after 20 Years of Progress


To adapt to market demands and the regional characteristics of Shenyang, the Northeast International Hardware & Tool Exhibition has been held in Shenyang continuously since 1998. After twenty years of careful nurturing, it has grown into the largest, oldest, and most influential professional international exhibition in northern China, and has been rated as the Best Exhibition of Shenyang City and the Brand Exhibition of Liaoning Province and Shenyang City successively. The first twenty exhibitions have been attended by more than 13,000 hardware manufacturing enterprises and dealers accumulatively, with 54,000 person-times of visitors, among which are over 12,000 person-times of foreign merchants. With its professional status universally acknowledged, the Northeast International Hardware & Tool Exhibition has become one of China’s largest and most influential professional international exhibitions, and a grand meeting that can’t be missed by professionals from Northeast China, across the country, and aboard.

The huge market demand of Northeast China and the radiation capability of Shenyang is guarantee for the success of exhibition 


In recent years, the revitalization of the old industrial base in Northeast China has provided enormous business opportunities for the hardware industry. The transformation of old industrial facilities and a batch of new industrial projects went into operation—especially the development of equipment manufacturing industry and the thriving of architectural decoration industry in Northeast China—has promoted the sales of hardware products and the establishment of specialized hardware market, and stimulated hardware market demand. Meanwhile, as the central city of Northeast China, bordering on North Korea, South Korea, Japan, and Russia, Shenyang is both a collecting and distributing center for products and materials and a commercial and trade center. Therefore, it has become an important window for the domestic trade and international sales of hardware industry. Recently, China has approved the establishment of 8 economic zones in province-governed municipalities with Shenyang as the center, which will inevitably increase the cohesive force and radiation force of Shenyang with increasingly stronger attractiveness and growing demand. 

Honors of the Exhibition

In March 2011 Northeast Hardware Exhibition was awarded by the Shenyang Government as the “2010 Brand Exhibition of Liaoning Province and Shenyang City.”

Scope of exhibits:

1. Hardware and tools: manual tools, electric tools, pneumatic tools, air tools, hydraulic tools, automotive tools, machine tools, measuring and cutting tools, grinding tools & abrasives, garden tools, etc.

2. Hardware machine equipment: air compressor, electric motor, electric generator, hydraulic machinery & accessories, metalworking machinery, die casting machine, carving & marking machine, spraying equipment, lifting appliance & rigging wood working machinery, warehousing equipment, mechanical and electrical products, electromechanical products, stamping, forging & casting equipment, various machine tools, and special production equipment for hardware.

3.  Welding & cutting equipment: welding & cutting equipment and technology, electric welder, welding & cutting torch, parts and components of welding machine, welding materials, and consumables.

4. Building hardware: laser instruments, electronic testing tool, hardware product, standard fastener, hardware fittings of metal doors and windows, iron and metal products, pump valve, pipeline, galvanized pipe fittings, chemical materials, hardware for sanitary ceramics, hardware for furniture, lighting, electrical materials for electrical engineering, nails and wire mesh, decoration tools, ladder and scaffold, and DIY products.

5. Civil hardware: lockset and accessories, safety box, security equipment, burglar-proof door, alarm system, cooking utensils, cooking appliances, tableware, cleaning products and equipment, stainless steel products, knife & scissors, iron products, various appliances, metal furniture, and furniture fittings & hardware accessories.

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