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Dongcheng’s first new product release conference in 2021
Source of the article: Publication time:2021-09-02

On August 13, Dongcheng Company held an online new product release conference on Douyin, which was hosted by Cui Qingliang, the domestic marketing manager. During the conference, Manager Cui introduced the long-awaited new products, the core strengths of the top-selling products, and the technology and innovation of Dongcheng Lithium Battery Platform over the years. The abundant product sharing has won unanimous praise from the audience.


When explaining the product, Manager Cui not only introduced in detail each product, like the purpose, performance, power and instructions, etc., but also demonstrated the products to show the originality and essence of Dongcheng power tools.


According to statistics, during the live broadcast, there was a total of 16,329 audience, and 93,000 likes were received.


As the highlight of this conference, the chairman of the company, Mr. Gu Zhiping, also appeared. He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the fans of Dongcheng power tools and the friends from all walks of life who have supported and cared about the development of Dongcheng company for a long time. Meanwhile, Mr. Gu expounded the technical development plan and product plan of Dongcheng Company in the next five years.


In the future, Dongcheng Company will persist in innovation and development to not disappoint the support and love of dealers and consumers. Meanwhile, the company will continue making unremitting efforts to be the leader in China's power tool industry, and to allow national brand power tool products to be used everywhere around the globe.

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